Electric Utility Rates

Grant county has two existing electric power plants located within the county, plus gets electricity supplied by other power plants located in the region. Grant County also has the largest Wind Farm in the state located near the community of Montfort. Alliant Energy, Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperative, Dairyland Power and WPPI supply power to the various communities within the county.

Rates by Community per kilowatt hour for large industrial user during on-peak hours:

  • Boscobel: $.0715
  • Cassville: $.0748
  • Cuba City: $.0625
  • Dickeyville: $.0748
  • Fennimore: $.0468
  • Hazel Green: $.0748
  • Lancaster: $.0748
  • Livingston: $.0748
  • Montfort: $.0748
  • Muscoda: $.0799
  • Platteville: $.0748
  • Potosi: $.0748

Monthly Fees

Monthly connection fees vary from community to community but range from $20 to $100 per month.

NOTE: Off -Peak rates are generally $.02 -$.03 below On-Peak rates.